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First Aid Flowcharts


Our flow charts feature easy-to-read instructions that show each of the steps necessary to perform First Aid for the Healthcare Provider – First Aid for an Adult, Child, or Infant victim if ONE, TWO, or MORE RESCUERS are responding to the emergency.

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Each step-by-step flow chart illustrates its own tailored procedure for individual emergencies. Each box is clearly designated with specific directions in a format designed to be a reference in times of need.

*Please note that these charts are intended as a reference only. Proper training is required before attempting rescue. *

1. Abdominal Injuries
2. Amputation
3. Animal Bites
4. Blisters
5. Chemical Burns
6. Chest Injuries
7. Dental Injuries
8. Dehydration
9. Drug Overdose
10. Electrical Injuries
11. Eye injuries
12. Fishhook Removal
13. Cold Related Burns – Frostbite
14. Head Injuries
15. Heat Related burns – Heat Stroke
16. Hypothermia
17. Inhaled Poison
18. Insect Bites
19. Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac
20. Tick Removal
21. Fracture
22. Strain/Sprain

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