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From Your Regulatory Compliance Specialist. Linda Cannon-MSDS COVID-19 update #17

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Washington — President Biden announced the most sweeping COVID-19 Vaccine requirements yet on Thursday, which will affect roughly 100 million Americans. The new measures include a vaccine mandate for all federal workers and contractors and a requirement that large companies must mandate vaccines or regular testing for employees.

“My job as president is to protect all Americans,” Mr. Biden said Thursday. “So tonight, I’m announcing that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week.”

Mr. Biden noted that many large companies already require vaccinations. “The bottom line — we’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers,” he said. 

The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is developing a rule requiring all employers with at least 100 employees to make sure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require unvaccinated workers to get a negative test at least once a week. OSHA will issue an Emergency Temporary Standard to introduce the vaccine requirement. Companies that fail to comply could face fines of $14,000 per violation, Mr. Biden said. 

That was just one of the mandates and changes the president announced in a speech on boosting vaccinations and battling the COVID-19 Pandemic. The president also announced vaccination requirements for health care providers that accept Medicare and Medicaid, for all federal employees and contractors, and for the staffs of Head Start programs, Department of Defense Schools, and Bureau of Indian Education-operated schools. Mr. Biden had announced in July the federal workforce would need to provide evidence that they had been vaccinated or submit to regular testing and practice social distancing measures in the workplace. Within hours of his speech, the Republican National Committee announced that it plans to file a lawsuit against the Biden administration. 

“Joe biden told Americans when he was elected that he would not impose vaccine mandates,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement Thursday. “He lied. Now small businesses, workers, and families across the country will pay the price. Like many Americans, I am pro-vaccine and anti-mandate. Many small businesses and workers do not have the money or legal resources to fight Biden’s unconstitutional actions and authoritarian decrees, but when his decree goes into effect, the RNC will sue the administration to protect Americans and their liberties.”  

Here are the major measures announced Thursday 9.9.2021

How many people are affected?

The new vaccine mandates the president announced Thursday will affect roughly 100 million Americans, although many of that group are already vaccinated. The White House estimates there are roughly 80 million people working at companies with at least 100 employees. The White House also estimates the mandate will affect more than 17 million health care workers, as well as federal employees, and teachers and staff at specific Head Start programs and Department of Defense schools. 

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and it’s caused by the fact that despite America having unprecedented and a successful vaccination program, despite the fact that for almost five months, free vaccines have been available in 80,000 different locations, we still have nearly 80 million Americans who have failed to get the shot,” the president said, making his case for the need for more aggressive action. 

Federal employees must be vaccinated.

Mr. Biden issued an executive order on Thursday requiring all federal employees be vaccinated, with no option to undergo tests. “If you want to work for the federal government, get vaccinated,” Mr. Biden said. “If you want to do business with the federal government, get vaccinated.”

Mr. Biden also issued an executive order on Thursday requiring all contractors who do business with the government be vaccinated. 

The executive orders both refer to the national emergency declared on January 31, 2020 and the National Emergency Concerning the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) declared pursuant to the National Emergencies Act in Proclamation 9994 of March 13, 2020, both of which remain in effect. 

“The health and safety of the Federal workforce, and the health and safety of members of the public with whom they interact, are foundational to the efficiency of the civil service,” both executive orders say. “I have determined that ensuring the health and safety of the Federal workforce and the efficiency of the civil service requires immediate action to protect the Federal workforce and individuals interacting with the Federal workforce.  It is essential that Federal employees take all available steps to protect themselves and avoid spreading COVID-19 to their co-workers and members of the public.  The CDC has found that the best way to do so is to be vaccinated.”

Workers at health care facilities accepting federal funds will need to be vaccinated The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will require vaccinations for workers in most health care settings that receive Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement. That covers hospitals, home health agencies and many other types of health care facilities, and roughly 17 million workers. 

“If you’re seeking care at a health facility, you should be able to know that the people treating you are vaccinated,” he said. 

Air travelers refusing to wear masks could face up to $3,000 fines

Air travelers who refuse to wear masks could be fine up to $3,000, starting Friday. 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced Thursday it will double fines for those who flout federal mask mandates for air travel.

First-time offenders will be fined $500 to $1,000, while repeat offenders will be forced to shell out $1,000 to $3,000.

Biden acknowledges “confusion” on booster shots

Several weeks after the Biden administration announced a plan to roll out booster shots, Mr. Biden acknowledged Thursday there is “confusion” around whether or when Americans should get them. Mr. Biden said that while the administration stands ready, the decision of which shots to give, to whom, and when “will be left completely to the scientists.”


US President Joe Biden has announced sweeping new Covid-19 measures that require workers at large companies to be vaccinated or face weekly testing.

The measures also include a vaccine mandate for millions of federal government workers and come as cases in the country are surging.
Hospitals in several states have reached capacity amid the spread of the more transmissible Delta variant.

The new requirements cover about 100 million workers. 

“This is not about freedom or personal choice, it’s about protecting yourself and those around you,” the president said as he unveiled his plan. 

More than 650,000 Americans have died with Covid-19 since last year. Some 80 million people in the US remain unvaccinated.

Biden’s new Covid plan

The president’s plan uses the full force of his executive power to mandate the jab for unvaccinated Americans.

Some of his initiatives address common concerns of Americans who have yet to get the vaccine – such as not wanting to miss work to get the jab or recover from side effects. 

The president said that requirements that large businesses provide paid time off for workers to get vaccinated will be unveiled in the coming weeks by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Osha).

Businesses that do not comply with the new rules may face thousands of dollars in fines per violation.

A separate federal mandate, which the White House says will impact some 2.5 million government workers, supersedes Mr Biden’s earlier order that permitted government employees to undergo regular testing if they did not wish to be vaccinated. Now workers that refuse the jab may be fired.

Overall, the rule now requires that about two-thirds of all US workers be vaccinated. 

US doctors ask if the race to stop Covid ‘lost’
Americans ‘scared and angry’ amid Covid surge
Why is the US falling behind with its vaccinations?

Thousands of people – largely unvaccinated – are dying every week in the US with Covid-19. 

The situation has dealt a blow to Mr Biden’s hopes that a successful pandemic response would bolster support for the Democratic president.

Other rules that Mr Biden directed include:

– A doubling of fines for passengers on planes who refuse to wear a mask
– Invoking the Defense Production Act to accelerate the creation of rapid at-home testing kits
– Deploying healthcare workers to areas experiencing surges in cases
– Increasing the weekly pace of shipments of free monoclonal antibody treatment to hospitals


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