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Pre-Employee Screening – Full Package – $595.00 #M9942


Pre-Employee Screening – Full Package

1. Healthcare Sanctions Level as 3ci

2. Urine Drug Screening (UDS) 5/7/9

3. A La Carte


1. Healthcare Sanctions Level as 3ci

  • Social Security Number Trace +

  • Criminal Records Premium All Areas of Residence (Package: 7-Years) from SSN Trace, Counties Converted to Statewides

  • Federal Criminal Records All Areas of Residence (District Package: 7-Years) from SSN Trace

  • National Criminal Research Database – ci

  • Intercept Laboratory Testing And MRO Services

  • Intercept Collection Kit ea. (MSDS must purchase in Sets of 5)

2. Urine Drug Screening (UDS) 5/7/9

3. A La Carte

  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

  • Educational Verifications

  • Employment Verifications (Standard)

  • Employment Verification (w/ References)

  • Verification Of Credentials, Licenses and Board Certifications

  • Professional References – Corporate



Additional information

Statment of Work

$204 – EBI Recommended Package


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