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Annual Training in Infection Control for All Va. Dental Assistants – DAI & DAII. Free to all other staff with DAI & DAII paid. – #M9959


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Training of Dental Assistants in Infection Control-In response to a petition for rule-making from the Virginia Dental Hygiene Program Directors’ Consortium, the Board decided to initiate rule-making to consider adoption of a requirement for training in infection control for dental assistants. The amended regulation requires a dental assistant to complete annual training in infection control standards as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Newly employed assistants must receive training within 60 days of hire unless they can provide evidence of training within the last 12 months. This regulation is within the final stage and is not in effect yet.

Regulation reduction of Chapters 21, 25, and 30-The Board made final decision regarding amendments to the dentist, dental hygienists, and dental assistant regulations. There were several proposed changes made within the regulations. The Board voted to amend, as a fast-track regulatory action, to implement periodic review at its December 2022 Board Meeting. This has not been placed in effect yet.

However, we do know that Infection Control has been an issue with some offices as the Dentist clearly is focused on his patients and cannot view the staff during they breaking down of their room and sterilizing the instruments. I have been told by countless staff members and doctors that they are very grateful for the class and have noticed huge improvements in the staffs ability to understand the infection control measures.


Once the guideline is implemented, the Virginia Board of Dentistry, will require all Dental Assistants to take Infection Control training, as soon as possible but no later than 60 days from employment.


Taking this class will give the office peace of mind that MSDS and Linda Cannon; your Regulatory Compliance Specialist, will be your advocate with any Virginia board of dentistry regulations on this subject.



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Infection Control Standards

Infection Control Standards – $65/Webinar


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