Medical Emergency Flowcharts


Our flow charts feature easy-to-read instructions that show each of the steps necessary to provide emergency assistance for various Medical Emergencies that may be encountered.


Each step-by-step flow chart illustrates its own tailored procedure for individual emergencies. Each box is clearly designated with specific directions in a format designed to be a reference in times of need.

*Please note that these charts are intended as a reference only. Proper training is required before attempting rescue. *

1. Anaphylactic Shock <66 2. Anaphylactic Shock >66
3. Angina
4. Anxiety – Difficult breathing
5. Asthma Attack
6. Cardiac Arrest – Heart Attack
7. Diabetic Emergencies
8. Drug Overdose
9. Fainting
10. Nose Bleeds
11. Seizures
12. Stroke
13. Equipment Needed
14. Medical Emergency Time-Line with AED
15. Primary Survey in Dental Chair-Adult

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