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OSHA’s Hazard Communication

If you do not have a Hazard Communications Manual: Purchase a 1″ binder with cover sleeves. Print out the title and the office information to make it personalized. Also purchase some divider tabs. Below are the documents you will need do make your own personalized Hazard Communications Manual. This manual is typically $200.00. This is free to my clients only! Please do not give this information away to non-clients. I am extremely reasonable for the use of my services. Please tell your dental friends and colleagues to contact me to become a MSDS client.

The Hazard Communication Fact Sheet gives you Program Highlights of the Hazard Communications Standard.
Hazard Communications.Fact Sheet

Federal Guidelines – 1910.1200. Please make sure this document is printed in your Hazard Communications Manual.
Hazard Communications.Federal.Guidelines.1910.1200

Please save this Manual Sample to your desktop. Then change the Dr. Sample’s name to your own Dr.’s name and print and insert in your Hazard Communications Manual. You may always add other policies and procedures to your manual if needed.
Hazard Communication. Office Manual Sample

This is one of the most important pages you will need to work on. This from MUST be kept for 30 years. Please save it to your desktop and start filling it out. I have put the list on excel so you have the availability to sort. This will help you keep them in alphabetical order. Print it out when you have updated the list and place it in the first part of the first tab in your Hazard Communications Manual.
Hazard Communication List Blank Form

If you are having trouble accesing the Hazard Communication List in Excel form, here is a list in another format.

Hazard Communication List.Microsoft.

OSHA’s Hazard Communications Interpretation Letters: You will notice when you open the document, the questions have the answers right next to them. The email sent me back the disclaimer and I documented the verbal answers next to the questions when I called OSHA directly.
Hazard Comm.Records.Interpretaion Letter 2010


Linda L. Cannon
Director of Safety Compliance

Phone: 1-757-718-1515
Toll Free: 1-800-483-0223

Email: [email protected]

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