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Saliva Drug Testing – $129 #M9938


Saliva Drug Testing – $129


What is the stability of the sample, and how is it shipped?
Specimens stored in the Oral Fluid Specimen Vial may be kept at 39°F to 98°F for up to 21 days (including the time for shipping and testing). Shipping of the specimen is generally done via overnight courier as part of your arrangement with the laboratory.

What is the detection window for oral fluid?
Just like traditional urine testing, the window in oral fluid testing is different for each drug. What we have found is that oral fluid screening identifies recent usage that can be missed by urine testing. Oral fluid samples provide a close match to drug levels in blood, identifying donors that are under the influence at the time the sample is collected. Since oral fluid testing detects parent drug and metabolites, depending on the drug, the window of detection in oral fluid starts within one hour of drug usage and can last up to three days.1,2

How soon can you expect your results?
The lab receives samples via overnight courier. Testing is performed the day samples arrive, and negative results are reported within 24 hours. Positive results are confirmed, scientifically reviewed, and reported within 48 to 72 hours of receipt.


Saliva Drug Testing


  • Intercept Laboratory Testing And MRO Services

  • Intercept Collection Kit ea. (MSDS must purchase in Sets of 5)


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$204 – EBI Recommended Package


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