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UV 360 Lamp with Remote, Motion Detection Shut-off and a cage to protect the lamp. Price: $399/EA – #M9923


Directions for Use:

1. After energizing the lights, people and animal must be more than 5 meters away.

2. The lights will turn on automatically after 30 seconds, it there is no one within 5 meters.

3. If timing setting is required, please choose the options of 1H / 2H / 4H on controller, please make sure there is no one within 5 meters. When the set time is reached, the light will automatically turn off.

4. If you need to turn off the lights suddenly, press the button OFF.

5. If someone approaches within 3-5 meters when the light is working , the light will automatically turn off to protect people.

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This light is 365 rotation and within the Nanometers required. 254-280nm!

Study now states the non soiled N95’s can have all Covid killed in 60 seconds! And will kill Covid in a 800sq. foot space.

Price: $399.00 for non-clients. MSDS Clients will receive the UV lamp while supplies last and price and shipping stay current, at $299.00.

This an amazing price considering most Hospitals UV lights range in $2000 to $6000.

( If you are a current client, you are enrolled in safety classes with MSDS, please email [email protected] and let them know you are purchasing the UV light and you will be issued a coupon code for $100 USD off.)

** Links to accessories to help with UV light:
– Aluminum sheet (To Help reflect the UV light off a wall)


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UV light

$399 – EA/1


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